Asset Tracker for all things –

Asset Tracker for all things

Track parents, kids, pets, cars and more.

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Tracker Boundaries

Setup virtual geo-fence zones in the app and get real-time alerts when the tracker leaves or enters that area.

Location History

Check where your tracker has been, its trips, stops, and speed of travel all with location history.

Device Sharing

Share your Cube GPS device across multiple accounts so friends and family can see your devices location.

Ring Your Tracker

Ring your tracker from the Cube Tracker app if you can't see it when you're in close proximity.

You do not have a link list with a handle set to test, or you do and it's empty. Go ahead and create a link list called Asset Tracker for all things on your Navigation page and populate that link list with links that point to collections, to see collections listed here. Make sure the link list also has a handle set to test.