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Our Story--Real Life

 Our story is about a small family who knew what their passion was and what they did well and had a desire to own their own business while supporting people, local companies and communities.

 Like many, our family came to the America from Italy on a boat in the 1920's with the dream of a better life.  That dream included one day owning our own business and through a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears we were blessed to have owned laundry mats, a restaurant, product delivery, and few other small businesses. 


 As time went on, the businesses were sold, went out of business, or experienced catastrophic events such as a fire, the extended family decided not to continue to expand the family enterprises and went on to other things. They went to college, got married, had children and became financially successful in corporate jobs.  With that said, financial success isn’t everything so the eldest son tried to find fulfilment in other small businesses.  Unfortunately, they did not yield much success so he continued to support his family and provide services through corporate life.

 Then life happened and due to things such as the diagnosis of a lung disease, parents becoming ill, the deaths of family members and friends, divorce, etc. it became clear that life is precious and we don’t have forever to do what makes us happy so that’s when the decision was made to take a chance and start another family owned business.

 The goal was simple…provide smiles, a very good product and extra fantastic service.  We wanted to create a business that offered items people need in their everyday life through the ease of the internet and eventually a retail store for those who would rather touch and feel products before buying. 

 Throughout our journey we have met amazing people who have proven track records of success as well as the same values that we do, they want to help others and be successful.  We are all working together to provide an end-to-end suite of products we have tested, used, liked or needed (CBD oil) to succeed in the next phase of our journey. 

 We wanted this company to show our commitment to some of the most critical and important aspects of life, time and our children, so created the name "TJ3".  The T represents "Time" and each of our 3 children’s names begin with a "J" so that is why we chose J3.  That is how TJ3 Enterprises was born.

 We continue to learn as we grow and can’t promise that we won’t have bumps in the road but our pledge to you is to never put the TJ3 brand name on anything we don’t believe in ourselves and we will always make things right with everything we do and sell.  We are here for you.    

The Parente and Ferro Family